Ho, ho, holy tacky Christmas! While there’s always room for a little kitsch this time of year, sometimes Christmas decor can cross the line into truly tacky territory.

Of course, the line between tacky and tasteful can be an awfully thin one, blurred by personal opinion, so we’re not judging (much). From their ugly sweaters to their crazy light displays, some people relish in taking tackiness to new seasonal heights, and that’s OK.

If you’re in that camp and are looking to add to your collection, we’ve rounded up some of the tackiest Christmas products ever for your consideration. The rest of you can just enjoy gawking in amazement that such things even exist.

1. Santa toilet-seat cover set

Sorry, Santa!

$13.99, Amazon

Toilet-seat covers in general make us cringe, but Santa’s face on this one ($13.99, amazon.com) takes it one unfortunate step further.

2. Christmas toilet paper

Oh crap! It’s Christmas toilet paper.

$4.45, Etsy

He sees you while you’re—um, just in case a Santa toilet-seat cover isn’t enough for you, you can wipe with holiday-themed toilet paper, too ($4.45, etsy.com).

3. Farting Santa ornament

Doesn’t Santa deserve some dignity?

$7.29, Amazon

And the sophisticated Christmas humor continues with this farting Santa ornament ($14.94, amazon.com).

4. Christmas car reindeer costume

Do car-stumes really have to be a thing?

$9.99, Walmart

Cars need gas, oil, and a new carburetor once in a while. What they don’t need: costumes ($9.99, walmart.com)!

5. Pooping reindeer

This reindeer poops at the push of a button. Hooray?

$19.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

Just when you think there can’t possibly be any more potty-themed Christmas items, along comes a pooping reindeer ($19.99, bedbathandbeyond.com).

6. Animated Santa kicker

Poor Santa.

$23.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

Talk about adding a kick to your Christmas tree. This pair of Santa’s legs ($29.99, bedbathandbeyond.com) kicks up and down, for an unsettling effect.

7. Toothy ornament

While visions of terrifying teeth danced in their heads…

$24.95, Etsy

The only saving grace here is that the Etsy seller states that “No real teeth were used in the making of the ornament” ($24.95, etsy.com).

8. Naughty talking gingerbread ornament

Run, run as fast as you can from this one!

$11.95, Amazon

You’re definitely going on the naughty list if you put this gingerbread man ($16.94, amazon.com) on your tree. It talks too, uttering four phrases we can’t repeat here.

9. Poop ornaments

Because why?

$8.99, Walmart

The fact that these “tree turd danglers” ($8.99, walmart.com) come in a set of four makes them even worse… isn’t just one enough?

10. ‘Christmas Story’ leg lamp

Let your tackiness shine bright!

$59.99, Walmart

Last but not least, if you want to go the traditional route with your tackiness, you can’t go wrong with this leg lamp ($59.99, walmart.com) inspired by the holiday classic “A Christmas Story.”

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