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Rapper Wiz Khalifa first broke on the national scene with his love letter to Pittsburgh, titled “Black and Yellow.” The ode to his hometown Steelers has racked up 187 million Spotify streams and counting.

However, he’s changed his tune a bit. In a recent video home tour with Architectural Digest, Wiz is shown living the high life in SoCal and loving every minute of it.

Here are 15 things we learned about Wiz and his home in Sherman Oaks, which he rents for a whopping $16,000 a month.

1. Location always applies

Wiz Khalifa in his entryway

Architectural Digest

As with anyone with a keen eye for real estate, Wiz cites the home’s location as its primary attraction.

“It was a really good area. We had a look around, and I didn’t really want to be too far away from where I work and where I go to the gym and my son’s school,” he said in the video. “It was a good area for me to have privacy.”

2. Space for Sebastian

Son Sebastian rules the roost.

Architectural Digest

Much of the mansion’s space is dedicated to his 5-year-old son, Sebastian, whose mother is Wiz’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

“I wanted to make sure he could run around and have a good time,” Wiz said.

3. Attention burglars: Don’t play yourself!

“Furious 7” artwork (aka theft deterrent)

Architectural Digest

If you are a nefarious type and happen to break into a house with this artwork on the wall, Wiz wants you to know it means you’re in his home. Once you’ve spotted the plaque, you’ll need to make your way back out of the house.

His song “See You Again,” featuring Charlie Puth, was on the “Furious 7” soundtrack and has been viewed an astonishing 3.6 billion times on YouTube.

4. Game room

A space for “kicking it”

Architectural Digest

Wiz introduces his game room as a space for “kicking it.” It’s decked out in his signature shades of black and yellow and includes a Steelers pool table. There’s also a smoking area, a collection of vinyl records, and an even larger collection of Wiz’s career memorabilia.

5. ‘Dab bar’

The “dab bar” features a joint-rolling machine.

Architectural Digest

Wiz calls his personal pot paradise the “dab bar,” adding the obvious: “We’re big smokers over here.”

He even has his own brand of pot, called Khalifa Kush. In the video tour, Wiz shows off his joint-rolling machine as a highlight of the dab bar.

6. Sebastian’s playroom

Sebastian’s well-appointed playroom

Architectural Digest

Wiz sweetly shows off his son’s playroom, complete with a Lego learning area, imagination station, and gum ball dispenser.

7. Nice views

Deck “on the edge of the world”

Architectural Digest

Being on the deck feels like you’re “on the edge of the world,” Wiz says, noting that it’s an ideal spot for phone calls and other business affairs.

8. Wiz loves Wiz

Pictures of Wiz line the walls.

Architectural Digest

The mansion’s walls are lined with pictures of its most famous resident.

9. Wiz’s favorite room

The recording studio “is like a fighter jet.”

Architectural Digest

The room Wiz calls “his baby” is the fully equipped recording studio.

“This is like a fighter jet; it’s like a little spaceship,” he explains, noting that hard drives with all of his work are in an undisclosed secure location.

10. Loft closet

A space to store his signature clothing

Architectural Digest

It turns out Wiz is also a bit of a clotheshorse. For more closet space, he’s turned the loft area atop the stairs into a closet for his jackets and signature pieces.

11. Weed wall

A wall of famous stoners

Architectural Digest

Also upstairs is a wall of portraits with one thing in common: Each subject is or was a known stoner.

Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Marley are just a few of the famous faces gracing the wall.

“I just like to be among greatness,” Wiz explains.

12. ‘Grown-up vibe’

Living room

Architectural Digest

The living room, which is decked out in a cool, turquoise blue, has a “grown-up vibe,” according to the rapper.

13. Heated pool

Backyard with heated pool

Architectural Digest

Out back there’s a playful paradise, including Sebastian’s trampoline. There’s also a pool, which Wiz thoughtfully points out is heated.

“You’ll never be cold in my pool,” he promises.

14. Sebastian’s cars

Son’s cars

Architectural Digest

Yes, Sebastian has a fleet of kid-size cars, including a tiny Range Rover, Kawasaki ATV, and Rolls-Royce.

15. Wiz’s cars

Wiz’s cars

Architectural Digest

Wiz unsurprisingly has a car collection of his own. It includes a 1964 Impala, a 1962 Impala, and another classic monster car he says was a gift from Rose after an argument.

“She wanted me to not be mad at her, so she bought me a car,” he says.

Yes, Wiz is a long way from Pittsburgh, but one thing is clear: He is killing it in Los Angeles and can invite us over for a swim in the heated pool any day of the week.

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