There’s nothing like the look and scent of a real Christmas tree, and picking one out can make for a fun family outing. But after years and years of buying them, decorating them, and setting them out on the curb to be turned into mulch, lots of people ultimately decide to go artificial. After all, those Douglas firs and Scotch pines are also expensive and messy—as in needles all over the floor and the dog drinking the tree water.

So if 2019 is the year your family finally makes the switch to an artificial tree— we’ve got you covered with this list. Oh and as far as that pine tree smell goes? There’s a Glade PlugIn for that.

Here are our eight favorite artificial trees you can buy to ring in this holiday season so that nothing litters your floor but presents.

1. Best value

Best Choice Products 7.5-foot premium spruce


Anyone who’s done the research knows how expensive artificial trees can be, which is just part of what makes this faux spruce by Best Choice Products (available from Walmart for $90) such a steal.

Other things you’ll love about it include how easy it is to assemble (and fold back up for storage) and the size. Coming in at the classic tree size of 7.5 feet, this sassy spruce is full enough to just about look like the real thing.

2. Best tree with lights

Dunhill fir tree


Looking to buy yourself a tree that’s holiday-ready? This lighted Dunhill fir by National Tree has you covered. Standing 6.5 feet tall, this fluffy, lighted tree is essentially like buying Christmas in a box. Just unpack it, add a few ornaments, and you’re ready to go.

Get yours on Amazon for $154, just in time for the big day.

3. Most realistic

Vermont white spruce

Balsam Hill

If you’re willing to drop the big bucks on a tree that looks hyper-realistic, then check out this Vermont white spruce from Balsam Hill. There’s a reason most of these trees are sold out, but you can still get a 7.5-footer with lights (or without) if you order soon. These babies are pricey, starting at $999 for unlit trees and $1,199 for lit ones.

4. Best texture

National Tree’s Carolina pine


Like your trees with a side of pine cones? Then you might just want to try out this Carolina pine by National Tree (going for $239 on Amazon). The fluffiness factor of this tree can’t be beat— with over 1,300 branch tips, plus cones and lights.

Considering its standard 7.5-foot height and easy assembly, it’s a good deal for any midmarket tree shopper.

5. Best small tree

Kingswood fir pencil tree from National Tree


Working with a small space this holiday season? Then this Kingswood fir pencil tree from National Tree might just be perfect. This classic little tree comes in a variety of sizes that are ideal for anyone trying to decorate a small apartment or entryway.

The best part about this skinny tree is its small price— starting at just $77 for a 7-footer on Amazon.

6. Biggest bargain

Not bad for $40!


Looking for a big tree that fits your small budget? You won’t fool anyone into thinking this artificial pine is real, but, hey, you get what you pay for, and for $40 on Amazon, this fluffy green giant will still get the job done.

This tree is easy to assemble and includes a sturdy metal stand that’s sure to keep it in place, no matter how hectic your house becomes on the big day.

7. Best snowy tree

Dreaming of a white Christmas tree?


If you like your Christmas tree with a side of snow, then check out this flocked pine by Best Choice Products. This full-bodied 6-footer will upgrade the festivity of even the most sparingly decorated living room. Get yours delivered from Amazon for just $85.

8. Most delightfully retro

Retro colored lights


White lights are nice, but if you’re pining (pun intended) for something more vibrant, then take a look at this holiday pine from Walmart that’s like what many of us remember from our childhoods.

Easy to assemble and store, this tree also comes with eight colored light sequences to choose from—so you can choose exactly how hard you want to rock around the Christmas tree this year.

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