Housewarming gifts are typically cookie-cutter affairs—i.e., a nice bottle of wine. But if you want to kick your gift-giving up a notch, there are plenty of more personal options. So whether you want to be the most thoughtful gift-giver in town, or just celebrate your own home purchase with a memorable new piece of home decor, here are some custom ways to toast home sweet home.

1. A cross-stitched pillow of your neighbor’s home

housewarming gifts
Turn a home into a work of pillow art.

Cloth & Twig/Etsy

These custom cross-stitched pillows ($185+, Etsy) are not only a one-of-a-kind housewarming gift, but also an extra-special piece of home decor. Just send in a photo of the home and they’ll stitch accordingly. Placed on your living room couch, it’s bound to get showered with compliments from guests.

2. The home mapped on a kitchen towel

housewarming gifts
More than a map-inspired tea towel, this gift can help you explore the place you call home.

Butler & Hill

This map kitchen towel ($30, Butler & Hill) can be personalized for any home address. Simply send in the streets and numbers, and the 100% cotton map towel is custom-designed to be centered on the home.

3. A personalized welcome mat

housewarming gifts
Give your front stoop a personalized touch.

Penelope May Decor/Etsy

Nothing says home sweet home like a personalized doormat ($35, Etsy). It’s the first thing guests will see when they arrive, and it’s such a sweet way to put an individual touch right outside the front door.

4. A custom address stamp with a drawing of the house

housewarming gifts
It’s an original illustration of your house, turned into a useful return address stamp.

The Small Object

This custom return-address stamp carrying a portrait of the house ($78, The Small Object) is beyond cute. Just send in a photograph of the house you want to honor, and the artist draws a tiny illustration, adds the address, and turns it into a rubber stamp that can be used for all outgoing mail—and maybe even for making housewarming party invites or change-of-address cards.

5. A cool watercolor illustration

housewarming gifts
Enjoy a modern and minimalist illustration of your dream home.

Blueprint Designs/Etsy

What better way to celebrate a new or beloved home than with a house portrait? These custom watercolor home portraits ($45, Etsy) can be gifted in digital format to the homeowner or used to create an art print that celebrates the home.


6. A ceramic tile with your coordinates

housewarming gifts
Show off your home’s longitude and latitude.

Sparks House/Etsy

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also the exact spot where you put down roots and plug in your TV. This personalized ceramic tile sign ($40, Etsy) can be customized with a home’s exact geographic coordinates. Hang or display the pretty tile as home decor or use it in the kitchen as a trivet.

7. A personalized cutting board with your home state

housewarming gifts
Share your home state pride with this custom cutting board.


This cutting board ($28, Etsy) can be customized to include an image of the home state, family names, and a move-in date or year. Use this board at the housewarming party to serve a cheese or charcuterie spread—and for years to come after that.

8. A custom portrait of your neighbor’s home and family

housewarming gifts
Capture both your family and your home in a beautiful, original print.

Little Yellow Daisiess/Etsy

This custom family-and-house portrait (starting at $128, Etsy) makes a fabulous gift, and a one-of-a-kind reminder of all that is home. Send photos, and the artist creates a digital file that you can then print and frame or share online. You can even add the family’s name, a home address, or a meaningful quote or text.

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