It’s about time to get ready for fall, and who can better transform your humble abode to match the cooler temperatures than Chip and Joanna Gaines? The “Fixer Upper” duo recently released a variety of new home decor essentials to the fall line of their wildly popular home and lifestyle brand, Magnolia. And if this year’s line is as popular as last year’s (remember that pumpkin chai candle they couldn’t keep in stock?), we’re guessing certain items are going to sell out fast.

So which ones are bound to incite a fall frenzy? To find out, we got interior designers and home experts to pick the home decor items they think will cause a ruckus. Consider this a heads-up to grab ’em before they’re gone!

1. Wooden side table

This wooden side table could be incorporated into almost any interior.


The designed-minded experts we talked to determined that this wooden side table ($220, shop.magnolia.com) is a must-have.

Drew Henry, founder of Design Dudes, predicts that the table’s elegant design will make it popular. “The lines are very simple and classic,” he says.

Plus, it can be used in a variety of ways. “It looks very versatile,” says Marina Umali of Marina V Design Studio. “It would look good in many different rooms.”

Set it up with your nighttime essentials next to your bed, or use it as an entryway table and wow guests as soon as they walk through the door.

Alessandra Wood agrees. “It has a midcentury-meets-farmhouse vibe, making it unique at a great price,” says the director of style at home design site Modsy.

2. Ivory vase

Mix and match the different sizes of this ivory vase.


A great vase can greatly enhance a festive table display, and Umali recommends snagging this ivory vase ($74, shop.magnolia.com) while you still can.

“This vase is simply beautiful in white and adds wonderful texture to the decor,” she notes. Not only is it available in two sizes, but it’s also sturdy enough to hold weighty floral decorations like colorful blossoms, large stems, and branches.

3. Marble cutting board

Chop your veggies on this elegant cutting board, or use it to display your culinary art.


Henry is obsessed with the clean, white look and dual functionality of this marble cutting board ($44, shop.magnolia.com).

“The black stripe accents add a really refined look to the piece,” he says. “I think it’s the perfect addition to your fall dinner party to showcase that cheese plate.”

4. Farrah risers

Give your stuff a literal boost with these rustic wooden risers.


An easy way to upgrade your decor is by adding a little elevation. These farrah risers ($24, shop.magnolia.com) come in two sizes, allowing you to get creative with varying heights. With a rustic top and hairpin legs, the modern design can match a variety of styles, and Wood suggests using them to raise potted plants.

“These little tables are great for houseplants,” she says. “Instead of putting planters on the floor, why not give them a bit of height?”

5. Cement charger

Chip and Joanna Gaines
This unique charger is crafted from embossed cement.


Even Joanna herself uses this cement charger ($28, shop.magnolia.com). René Dekker of René Dekker Design Limited is drawn to the fresh, modern design on this “gorgeous” charger and loves how it contrasts well with other textures.

“It combines an earthy feel with some glamour and sophistication,” she adds.

6. Copper tapered candleholders

Joanna Gaines digs iron candlesticks—and we have the proof!


Tapered candleholders have been an on-trend home piece for a while now, says Morgan McBride, a home and DIY expert at Charleston Crafted. These copper tapered candlesticks ($30, shop.magnolia.com) put a new spin on that trend.

“The copper is a fresh, new take on the traditional vintage brass,” she says.

The copper finish can add a rustic look to your mantel or shelf, or a matching pair can bring balance to your dining table. And the cherry on top? They’re one of Joanna’s go-to styling pieces.

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