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From “Flip or Flop” to “Christina on the Coast,” we’ve seen Christina Anstead undergo some major life changes. The season finale of her solo show (aptly titled “Wedding Special”) covers two more exciting transformations, as she moves from renter to homeowner and from divorcée to blushing bride.

She and Ant Anstead have been searching all season for a new place to call home. In this episode, they find their dream house and hold their surprise wedding in the backyard.

christina on the coast wedding
Christina and Ant Anstead looking glamorous on their wedding day.


But there is a long list of important home fixes for Christina and Ant to complete before they can consider inviting wedding guests to their new home.

With the wedding date fast approaching, they’re not sure whether the house will be ready by the big day. They face plenty of challenges, and Christina is shocked at the amount of work it will take to get the house move-in ready. “It’s like straight out of a frickin’ episode of ‘Flip or Flop,’” she says.

As the happy couple get busy, Christina offers some excellent tips on how to fix up your own dream home.

A privacy fence can be pretty

christina on the coast fence
Ant did a great job on this front gate.


This high-profile couple want to make sure they have plenty of privacy in their new home. With Christina’s very public divorce fueling tabloid interest and with Ant’s own career as a television producer, it’s clear why they’d want to keep their home out of plain sight. To get started, they have to make some changes to the barriers around their property.

While the house is conveniently surrounded by a fence and bushes, passers-by can easily peer through the iron bars of the front gate. Ant gets to work and adds light-colored wood to the frame to make the gate more substantial and snoop-proof. Now, in place of the original unsightly barrier, the new gate has added a beautiful feature to the front of the house.

Try setting up your home office in the living room

christina on the coast office
Christina’s stylish living room-turned-office.


Most home offices are just dressed-up extra bedrooms. Christina, though, takes the idea of working from home to the next level when she transforms a living room into her workspace. She makes the good point that a home office doesn’t have to be located in a bedroom.

Sometimes a sectioned-off space can make a stylish office that doesn’t feel hidden away. With a clean design and cozy furniture, Christina’s home office may now be one of the most inviting rooms in the house.

Prioritize kitchen storage

christina on the coast storage
Christina adds some much-needed storage.


Extra kitchen storage is always valuable, especially in a full house with kids. Before moving in, Christina makes some upgrades to the kitchen. One of these is installing some storage in the island. “We’re also building this out,” she says, pointing to the empty space in the island, “and I’m doing drawers that pull out, ’cause obviously, there’s all this wasted space under there.”

She and Ant also decide to put in some white kitchen cabinets to replace the modern wooden slabs on the walls above the counter. The traditional cabinets they choose make for a clean and more functional space.

Don’t be afraid to build walls

Right away, Christina recognizes that there’s a lot going on in her new kitchen, especially in one corner by the refrigerator. There’s a pathway to the office and an entrance to the laundry room, and Christina knows the space could be better utilized. So she extends a wall and builds space for a much wider fridge, the perfect storage solution for her growing family.

When the work is done, she admires the change. “It just feels so much better,” she says.

Dramatic floors for a fresh look

wood floors
Stylish new floors for Christina and Ant


What’s a new home without some new flooring? As it turns out, Christina and Ant have to take up some of the floors because of a termite problem. “Izzy [the contractor] was right about termites getting into the floor beams,” Christina says, “Luckily, we didn’t have to tent, but we did have to rip out so much more of the flooring than I was planning on.”

Still, the new wood floors Christina chooses are a much-needed improvement on the ones the house came with. She updates the color and uses a herringbone design in her office for a fresh look. “The flooring was definitely the biggest, boldest decision that we made here,” she says proudly, “It’s my favorite flooring that I’ve ever done.”

Do Christina Anstead’s designs deliver?

In the end, all the improvements are well worth the effort and cost. It’s a modern house for a modern family, and when the couple hold their gorgeous wedding ceremony in their backyard, it’s clear they’ve found their dream home.

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