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What’s the one thing people’s homes are crying out for this summer? If you asked Christina Anstead, we imagine she’d say it’s more of a beach vibe. Let’s face it, who isn’t craving the sound of crashing waves these days?

And with a TV show name like “Christina on the Coast,” this designer might know a thing or two about creating some coastal chic with home decor. Perhaps that’s why, in the latest episode, titled “Killer Kitchen for Mom,” Anstead sets out to add some coastal elements to the kitchen of her client Liz, a mother of three boys who is ready to switch things up in her life.

“I love a kick-ass mom who wants to make a change!” says Anstead. After all, she knows what it’s like to shake things up—navigating a high-profile divorce (from Tarek El Moussa), a new marriage (with Ant Anstead), and an upcoming new child, all while renting a place and trying to purchase a new house. Phew!

But work comes first. And, as Anstead started overhauling her latest design project, she gives some excellent tips on how to bring that beach vibe into our own homes without going overboard. Check them out.

The new beach colors

In today’s modern beach-themed home, the typical hues of turquoise blues and greens have given way to more subtle tones. Liz indicates she likes “cool colors, grays and blues,” and Anstead agrees. Inspiration from a foggy day at the beach informs a more neutral, less in-your-face palette.

Replace a kitchen peninsula with an island

Liz’s kitchen has an extremely long and bulky peninsula jutting from the wall. Anstead decides to remove the peninsula and install a custom island instead. It gives the kitchen better flow and makes it feel more spacious. Also, since you can dine around three sides of this island, it provides plenty of seating.

There’s no need for starfish

Contrary to popular belief, “beachy” doesn’t mean you must fill your home with starfish, fishing nets, or life preservers! Instead, Anstead selects wood-look vinyl planks the color of sand for the floor, and adds siding the color of driftwood to the new kitchen island.

Last but not least, Anstead selects blue-gray backsplash tiles that she describes as looking like a mermaid’s tail, and adds wallpaper with a silvery, vertical pattern that “looks like water falling,” she says. It all vaguely reminds you of the beach without being too obvious.

Dark grout is out

Remember when square, light-colored tile with dark grouting was in? No? Well, Liz’s kitchen is full of white tile and dark grouting, and she’s fully aware that it has to go. Instead Anstead opts for custom white quartz countertops. They look lovely and fresh.


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Move your fridge away from the wall

Liz’s refrigerator is situated so that when you open the door, it slams into a wall right to one side. That’s tough on both the wall and the door! Anstead simply moves the refrigerator over a few feet, then has a cabinet crafted to be placed between the refrigerator and the wall. Not only is the refrigerator more convenient, but there’s also more storage space.

Get it all done at once

Liz and her boys are staying at her mother’s while the remodeling is going on, and a lot of the furniture has been cleared out to make room for the workers. When Liz sees how good the new flooring looks in the kitchen, she is tempted to replace all of the old, tired tile flooring on the main floor with the same material to give the house more flow.

Anstead explains that it will cost an extra $3,000, but Liz might as well get it done now, because it will cost even more if she does it later.

“While you’re out of the house, now’s the time,” suggests Anstead, and Liz agrees.

Whoops she did it again. Now Anstead is officially over budget, as usual!

Do Christina Anstead’s designs do the trick?

While they never reveal how much was spent on this project, we’re assuming it’s somewhere around $43,000, since there were no real engineering issues that we know of.

Liz, of course, is grateful and elated: “The kitchen feels amazing!” she says.

Tune in next week for the finale of this first season of “Christina on the Coast,” when (spoiler alert!) Christina and Ant Anstead finally find (and design) a home of their own.

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