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In the most recent episode of the Animal Planet show “Tanked,” we get a peek into the Las Vegas mansion of Golden State Warriors star DeMarcus Cousins.

For those unfamiliar with the reality TV show for fish lovers, the series features brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King as they meet with celebrity clients and design deluxe fish tanks, some with themes and always with exotic sea creatures.

Cousins called on the aquarium designers to build an aquarium for his Las Vegas abode.

In the episode, Raymer and King get a tour of Boogie’s home, starting with the enormous front door—big enough to fit the center’s 6-foot-11 frame.

The entry leads to a spacious great room with an open kitchen, gray cabinetry, and white stone counters. There’s also a living space with comfy couches, a vaulted ceiling, and a three-story wall of windows overlooking the backyard. Outside there are two pools, complete with slide and diving board.

Living room

Animal Planet/Tanked


Animal Planet/Tanked

Cousins tells the experts he wants to create a splashy fish tank after seeing the tank of fellow All-Star and former teammate Anthony Davis. The Pelicans center had a free-standing tank with sharks built in his home. Cousins appears in the reveal with Davis in the episode from last year.

Cousins offers up a corner bar niche to be transformed into an aquatic paradise. He doesn’t want a kitschy theme, just a “classy, elegant” fish tank.

“I want a lot of color, a lot of personality with the fish,” Cousins explains. “I love fish tanks, but I need mine 100 times bigger and 100 times better.” Cousins is just as competitive when he’s off the court—”The Brow” had better watch out.

The “Tanked” titans definitely deliver: They build an L shape with two tanks. A wall cutout is added, and the tank can be viewed from both inside and out.

Finished fish tank

Animal Planet/Tanked

There’s colorful custom cut coral, and over 35 fish swimming about with names like dog face puffers, butterfly angel fish, and mustard tangs. The total tank measures in at 16 feet long and 9 feet tall and holds 1,200 gallons. It sits atop sleek gray cabinetry that matches the kitchen color palette.

And yes, Boogie’s tank is bigger than Davis’ by a good 200 gallons. But Davis has one last dig. A replica of his trademark unibrow appears to drop down into the water, which The Brow had requested as a surprise.

Still, Boogie is one satisfied customer. “It’s perfect man, you killed it,” he tells the team.

The All-Star’s trophy home now has a supersized aquarium to match. And we scored a glimpse into the lifestyle of a Vegas baller with an affinity for aquatic life.

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