In the Jacksonville, FL, neighborhood of Queen’s Harbour is a custom-built organic home nestled among the foliage and oak trees. Known as Los Molinos, the home was designed by Bob Broward, a former apprentice to renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

“The style is referred to as organic architecture, because the home was built out of natural stone and wood and was designed around the landscape,” says Jeffrey Chefan, the co-listing agent.

Rather than having the site bulldozed to make room for the residence, Los Molinos was fashioned in a way that made it a part of the terrain.



Broward became an accomplished architect in his own right. He was invested as an American Institute of Architects College Fellow in 2011—the highest honor in the field—and inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of Fame.

Now on the market for $7.5 million, the three-story property sits on 7.4 acres of untouched Florida land. “Even though it’s located in Queen’s Harbour, the property isn’t bound by the community’s HOA restrictions,” says Chefan.

Los Molinos property


That lack of an HOA and the fact that the surrounding acreage can be developed are two big reasons for the hefty asking price. (Los Molinos is the second priciest listing in Jacksonville.)

“The potential for this property is just unmatched,” says Chefan.

Room with a view


Dining area


The home itself is a gorgeous work of art that features incredible views of the surrounding landscape from almost every room. “Since it was designed and built in harmony with nature,” Chefan explains, “the owner really feels like they’re a part of the landscape. It’s incredible.”

Los Molinos has been owned by local developer Gerald Dake for over 40 years. In 1993, a raging fire threatened the home’s existence. “The fire actually burned down the majority of the home,” says Chefan.

Dake remained in love with the home’s organic design despite the disaster and selected all the materials used to rebuild his beloved home.

“He’d even sourced a 60-foot post, which is used to support the structure,” Chefan says of Dake’s efforts. “It’s incredibly hard to find a solid, 60-foot piece of wood that is sturdy and straight enough for this kind of structure.

“He wanted to make sure it was restored to its original beauty, whatever that would take,” he adds.

Organic architecture


Today, Los Molinos and its stunning setting are in pristine condition and ready for a new nature lover to bask in the views.

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