Far Out! You Won't Believe the Colors Inside This '70s Time Capsule Condo


This remarkable condo in Ramona, CA, was a green-saturated masterpiece when first built in 1974.

And because it hasn’t really been inhabited over the decades, what remains is a jaw-dropping time capsule decked out in groovy shades of bright green. It’s currently on the market for $375,000, and admirers of the impeccably executed emerald interiors are taking notice.

When the Country Villas West condo complex was built just outside San Diego in the early ’70s, the best unit was reserved for its developer. This particular developer had an abiding affection for hues in the green spectrum and hired a professional designer to create a trendy, fearless, one-of-a-kind space.

A short time later, the 1,800-square-foot condo was sold to a retired couple as a vacation property. However, they rarely set foot in the place. Now the couple’s children are ready to sell the kiwi-infused residence, complete with green wallpaper, green carpets, green countertops, green cabinetry, and green custom fabrics.

It’s a vintage lover’s dream come true! Closed up tight for more than four decades, everything inside is in mint condition and will be included with the sale.

“Everything is vintage—even the magazine on the coffee table is 30 years old,” says listing agent Nancy Maranan. “It’s a true time capsule.”

Besides the throwback decor, the three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo is a rare two-story unit in the complex. It comes with an attached garage and two-car carport. It also boast views of the adjacent golf course.

Condo exterior green vintage
Exterior offers no hint of the verdant interior.


Family room green vintage condo
Family room


Dining room vintage green kitchen
Dining space and kitchen


Kitchen vintage green condo


Living room vintage green condo
Living room


Owner's suite bedroom vintage green
Master suite


Owner's suite bath vintage green condo
Master bath


Bedroom vintage green condo


Bathroom vintage green condo


Golf course view vintage green condo
Golf course view


Maranan says interest in the house has been off the charts, thanks in large part to the listing photos. She says she was recently contacted by a fashion photographer interested in using the space for a shoot. Many potential buyers have said they wouldn’t change a thing before moving in.

But, like anything these days, there are plenty of folks out there who are put off by the throwback avocado home.

“Some people are mean, but what can you do?” Maranan says. “I’m looking for a buyer.” Amen!

As for us, we’re green with envy over whoever winds up with this far-out crib.

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