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Christina Anstead—better known as Christina El Moussa when she was married to Tarek—has wasted no time in moving on with her life in the wake of her 2018 divorce. Although she’ll continue “Flip or Flop” with her ex-husband, the designer already has her own new HGTV show, “Christina on the Coast,” premiering in May. She also has a new husband, British reality TV star and producer Ant Anstead, whom she married in December.

And to top it off, they now have a new baby on the way, too!

She recently announced her pregnancy on Instagram by posting this adorable photo of her sonogram. Isn’t that sweet?

And since home design is Christina’s calling card, we can’t help but wonder: What will her new nursery look like?

Given Christina has already decorated the rooms of her kids Taylor (age 9) and Brayden (4), her tastes for her little tykes follow a fairly predictable pattern. Granted, she may try something totally novel this time around, but if her previous designs are any indication of what she’ll do now, we could make some educated wagers on what’s in store. Here are our predictions for how she’ll decorate nursery No. 3.

She won’t do anything too baby-ish

“I like rooms that aren’t too baby-ish,” Christina blogged on the HGTV website.  So rather than decorating with dancing teddy bears or duckies, Christina says she prefers to go with decor that won’t have to be redone once the child hits grade school.

“I really like babies’ rooms to be more sophisticated and a room they can grow into,” she said, and proved it in Brayden’s sophisticated yet fun nursery.

It won’t be gender-neutral, either

Gender-neutral nurseries are a hot fad these days, but not for Christina. She’s always been one to find out the gender and embrace it in her design. She used pink in Taylor’s princess room, and created a reclaimed wood wall in Brayden’s nursery, also giving it blue denim curtains.

Christina Anstead nursery
Brayden’s masculine nursery


She’ll go vintage

“We are going with a ‘vintage baseball’ theme,” she once said of Brayden’s nursery, since her ex, Tarek, was seriously into baseball. They sourced vintage baseballs, a bat, and a mitt from Etsy. But all that’s changed. Since Ant is into cars (he is the co-host of the auto show “Wheeler Dealers”) don’t be surprised if Christina uses a vintage auto theme this time around.

But if it’s a girl, a more feminine vintage theme might pop up: gardens and florals, perhaps, but a vintage Hollywood look wouldn’t surprise us, either. We could definitely see a black, pink, and silver color palette, with crystals and some bright white, fluffy marabou thrown in for good measure.

Christina Anstead nursery
This vintage bat was cleverly transformed into a coat rack.


She’ll add some bling

Christina has never shied away from anything shiny or sparkly.

“I even put a chandelier in the baby’s room,” Christina once told PopSugar. In a typical Christina move, she designed Taylor’s room with a big, silver crown and metallic wallpaper. She also added sparkly tile in the bathroom, and a silver mirror frame. In Brayden’s more masculine room, she was able to mix in some blue metallics on the rustic wood accent wall.

Christina Anstead nursery
How shiny metallics work in a child’s room.


The baby’s name will be on the wall

Note that both Taylor and Brayden’s names are boldly on display in their bedrooms. Unless Christina has grown tired of this device, it’s likely that the new nursery will get the same treatment. Her children will definitely grow up knowing exactly who they are, and will likely impress their preschool teachers by already knowing how to spell their own names.

If the baby is a girl, she’ll have a bigger bathroom

In the house Christina shared with Tarek, as soon as she found out she was having a boy, she moved Taylor into the room with the bigger bathroom, and made Taylor’s former room with the smaller bathroom into Brayden’s nursery.

“I figure she’ll appreciate that as she gets older,” Christina told HGTV.

Christina Anstead's nursery
Christina blinged out Taylor’s bathroom with metallics.


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