One of the oldest homes still standing in East Hampton, NY, has come onto the market. The site of the beloved Pig Pen Produce farm stand, the 2.3-acre lot includes a one-bedroom home dating to the early 1700s. The Hamptons structure has been designated a historic landmark. 

Locals know it as the delightful produce stand with its signature pink truck, which was operated by the homeowners. Mary Gardiner, who ran the business, has since died. Her partner has put the home up for sale, according to listing agent Darius Narizzano. The property is being offered for $995,000 and the farm stand is included.

The unusual offering provides an opportunity to manage a seasonal business, and a buyer also has the option of adding a larger house on the acreage behind the antique abode, a rarity for Hamptons properties that are subject to strict building ordinances.

Historic Zadoc Bennet house on the market


Living room with beamed ceiling


Dining space


Kitchen addition




As long as the historic home stays put, a residence measuring up to 11,000 square feet residence can be constructed. A new owner could also add a pool, poolhouse, and a garage, notes Narizzano. With a couple of acres, there’s plenty of room for one of those sleek-looking modern boxes popular in the Hamptons. The historic house could then be kept in service as a rental property or a guest cottage.

Alternatively, you could go the rustic route and simply move in to the existing structure. But the old house does need some work. “It’s really rustic. The ceilings are low,” says Narizzano. A new owner is likely to want to update the kitchen and bathroom. Home buyers flocking to the Hamptons in search of a turn-key retreat for relaxation should probably look elsewhere.

However, extra work seems a small price to pay for a slice of local history. Named after its original owner, the 1,100-square-foot Zadoc Bennet house is held together by the original wooden pegs. According to the agent, part of the home was constructed with wood from an English ship. The boards were numbered, so that in case of a shipwreck, it could be quickly reassembled.

Close to Three Mile Harbor, the location is convenient to bay beaches, East Hampton Village amenities, and within easy reach of the ocean.

“It’s so rare because it’s a mix of opportunities,” Narizzano says of the property’s flexible land-use potential. “This is a one-of-a-kind thing. I’ve never seen another property available where you can do this.” He adds, “It’s so valuable to me to think of saving this.”

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