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Do you know how often you should replace your pillows? Or are you just as gross as our own Erik Gunther? Do you know where to buy imigongo decor? Do you even know how to pronounce “imigongo”? (We didn’t, but it turns out we’re pretty good at Googling things really fast.)

We’ve got Episode 2 of “House Party” and it’s safe to say we went until the wheels fell off (listen and you’ll get it, we swear). Yes, that’s right—your favorite realtor.com editors are back for more real estate shenanigans, complete with some truly disgusting (but important) info, lots of laughs, and a few awkward moments.

This week’s topics: Royal baby watch! We ponder how Prince Harry and HRH Meghan Markle will decorate their nursery, and whether Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will get a say. We keep the international theme going with a lively discussion about design ideas from around the world (we want them all, btw). Erik gets quizzed on how often you should replace your mattress, pillows, sheets and more—and fails miserably. And finally, we present our inaugural installment of “Celebrity Winners and Losers”—in real estate, of course. (Hint: You’ll die hard for the winner.)

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