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“The idea is kind of Tim Burton threw up on a canvas, and it turned into a house.”

Believe it or not, that’s the concept behind the Beverly Hills, CA, mansion owned by TV personality Dr. Phil and occupied by his son Jordan McGraw. The internet went bonkers when the five-bedroom, 6,170-square-foot estate bounced onto the market on the final day of 2019, featuring some interesting decor choices. We take a peek inside and discuss who on Earth would want to buy this place. (Spoiler alert: Someone already has!)

Other topics we cover:

  • The rise in “grandmillennial” decor. Is this simply OG hipster style or should we all be raiding Nana’s house?
  • You might think you’re saving energy (and money) by doing these things, but you’d be wrong! We cover common energy-saving myths that could be costing you.
  • And this week’s celebrity real estate winner is a power couple used to moving fast to win, while our loser just might need to reboot his listing after a nearly 50% price cut.

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