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Thanksgiving generally brings people together, but this week it tore your “House Party” hosts apart with one simple question: What time is appropriate to eat that turkey dinner?

Do you prefer to eat as early as possible, to max out your marathon of munching? Or do you take Thanksgiving “dinner” literally, noshing only after the sun’s gone down? There’s no wrong answer here. (Just kidding, there totally is. Erik‘s answer is wrong, Rachel‘s is right. Guess who wrote this post?)

The question could be moot anyway: You might not have any interest in eating ever again after our chat about bugs in your spices. Yes, you read that right—it’s not your eyes playing tricks on you, your paprika really is moving. We discuss the shudder-inducing science behind how the creepy-crawlies get in there, and what you can do to keep them out.

Then: Can a suburb rebrand itself to appeal to younger buyers? We asked urban-dwelling millennial Natalie for her hot take.

Also: Frankie Muniz‘s cat floods his house—find out how. Plus our weekly installment of celebrity (real estate) winners and losers: The winner is a Warrior who happens to love the life aquatic, and the loser had to clip her asking price.

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Happy Thanksgiving, folks!


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