Put down the potato! When you think of life in Idaho, a home with a view isn’t usually the first thing that springs to mind. However, we’ve found a massive estate with awe-inspiring views sitting at the edge of Boise’s East Ridge.

Now listed for $7.75 million—making it the second most expensive listing in the state—the mansion is a source of intrigue for Boise residents. “It’s kind of a mystery to everyone, because they don’t know much about it,” says listing agent Eric Debord, “People think it belongs to someone famous.”

We’re sorry to bust a Boise myth, but the mansion doesn’t have a ton of star power behind it. The place is owned by a wealthy businessman with no connection to A-list fame. “The current owners lived in San Francisco at the time, and they were here on a trip. This huge piece of land overlooking the city was a big blank slate for them,” explains Debord.

Gourmet kitchen


After purchasing the property, the owners enlisted well-known Boise architect Trey Hoff to bring their vision of a mountainside retreat to life.

Hoff and his team hit a few hurdles at first, as the rocky terrain of the East Ridge refused to yield. “There are enormous boulders all the way around the home that couldn’t be moved or blasted away, so the home was built around them,” says Debord.

Living space


The result is a sprawling, three-tier estate that blends in with the land it occupies. “The top tier offers unbridled views of the valley,” says Debord. Grand windows and a huge deck offer postcard-worthy vistas of the Boise skyline as well.

Downtown Boise view


Another huge selling point? This house is, and always will be, the only hillside home in the area. “The city of Boise has been really aggressive at buying up as much hillside space as they can to keep it open and unobstructed. It’s a big draw for people moving to the area,” explains Debord.

As a result, the 60 acres the home sits on is bordered by federal, city, and county lands that will most likely remain undeveloped, making this home the only one in the city with views this expansive.

Deck view


Distance from city life, especially in a state like Idaho, can be a deal breaker. But this house—secluded and seemingly distant from city life—is actually only 2 miles from Boise. “The entrance to the property is right off one of Boise’s main roads, and it only takes a few minutes to get to the city,” says Debord.

With its proximity to the city, over 6,000 square feet of living space, endless windows, an indoor pool, and a gourmet kitchen on top of a deck that offers the ultimate in views, this hillside retreat will always stand alone.

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