West Virginia Castle


Harken back to medieval times in this plucked-from-the-past castle located in the hills of Berkeley Springs, WV. This gorgeous five-bedroom estate clocks in at over 9,600 square feet—and it can all be yours for only $1.45 million.

Berkeley Spring’s historic castle hails from the late 1800s, after Samuel Taylor Suit, a colonel in the Civil War, first attempted to romance Rosa Pelham, a woman nearly 30 years his junior. Five years later, his second attempt succeeded—after he promised to build her a castle. Together, they bought the land to build what came to be known as the Suit castle. The look is classically medieval, with a stone exterior, lush gardens, and even a round turret.

Suit died in 1888, before architect A.B. Mullett—designer of the U.S. Treasury Building and the old San Francisco Mint—could complete his design. But Pelham enjoyed a luxurious life in the castle, hosting daylong parties with orchestras. Her life was so luxurious, in fact, that it left her broke and she ended up auctioning off the castle, downsizing her possessions, and raising chickens.



Dining room


Since those glory days, the castle has been impeccably restored. Stone walls surround the foyer, which is accented by red chandeliers and curtains that make the space feel delightfully European. Wooden walls keep the dining room cozy, despite its spaciousness—you could easily host a dozen or more guests for dinner.

In addition to retaining its historic details, the castle features some modern touches. The chef’s kitchen upstairs (one of two kitchens!) is equipped with stainless-steel appliances, including a massive stove. The large basement has been updated as well, but it could use a modern touch.

Castle exterior


Castle on the hillside


The master suite is outrageously luxe. Its three rooms are connected by sliding doors: a bedroom suite, a vestibule, and a lounge/office.

Elsewhere, there’s a hot tub with views of the landscape, and the patio and terraced gardens offer space for contemplation and conversations. Indoors, there’s a billiard room with warm, rich wood walls and ceiling.

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