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Model Kendall Jenner and NBA star Ben Simmons are in full summertime canoodle. The celeb couple have been spotted coming and going from a spectacular, modern Los Angeles mansion, which was on the market for $25,000 per month.

TMZ has confirmed with sources the two are living in the mansion for the next few months, presumably while the Beverly Hills, CA, mansion Jenner bought from Charlie Sheen is getting a face-lift before she moves in.

Simmons is enjoying the off-season in Los Angeles; during the season, his home court is in Philadelphia, where he’s coming off a stellar rookie season with the 76ers.

We took a look inside the summer love nest of one of the most watched couples in Hollywood.

The slick five-bedroom home is located in the trendy area around the Grove and Fairfax. And it features a number of over-the-top designer features as well as a gorgeous pool and spa area for entertaining.





Living room




Master bedroom


Master bath


Guest suite


Powder room


The stylish and contemporary mansion is the kind of home you’d expect from Jenner, the modeling member of the powerhouse Kardashian-Jenner clan.

The couple’s co-habitation comes as somewhat of a shock after recent reports of a heavy make-out session and rumored relationship between Jenner and fellow model Anwar Hadid.

But recent PDAs between Simmons and Jenner plus word the duo decided to move in together mean Simmons has won over Jenner’s heart—for now anyway.

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