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The music mogul Pharrell Williams is selling his gigantic glass mansion in Los Angeles for $17 million.

And let’s just say, some fans aren’t “Happy” with the Grammy winner’s taste in real estate. When listing photos surfaced, haters on Twitter skewered the place.

“Is this really @Pharrell house? No wonder he is selling it, looks like a friggin’ office building,” one person posted.

Others agreed, including Durham College in Oshawa, ON, which posted side-by-side photos of its campus alongside Pharrell’s place, complete with similar ring-style sculptures. The Canadian university’s simple tweet states: “We see no difference.’”


Walls of glass


Another online voice in the wilderness pointed out the perils of living in a (mostly) glass house. “You can’t walk around naked,” @vworrell59 tweeted.

While we don’t advocate a nudist lifestyle, we do want to take a deeper dive into this gigantic glass house. Here are five things you need to know about the massive mansion.

1. Williams hasn’t owned the home for long

The rapper purchased the property in 2018 from the film and TV tycoon Tyler Perry, for $15.6 million, Variety reported. 

Perry apparently bought it as an investment in 2017 for $14.5 million and, without changing it much, flipped it back on the market five months later with an inflated price tag of almost $17 million. The home eventually sold at a discount, but Perry still eked out a profit.


2. The ’90s called

Built in 1992, the humongous 17,000-square-foot mansion sits on 4 manicured acres and is described as being “designed precisely for entertaining” and “resort-style” living.

The property is represented by Westside Estate Agency’s Kurt Rappaport and Drew Meyers, and the listing details don’t hide the fact that the place might look a little dated.

“Endless potential here to fix it up, and make one of the most unique mansions in Los Angeles,” the listing notes. So, it’s a multimillion-dollar fixer-upper with distinctive decades-ago vibe.

Pharrell Williams’ L.A. estate



3. Office park vibe

So why would a luxury estate located in posh Beverly Hills remind some people of an office building? We have some theories. Organic architecture be damned—this contemporary large-scale glass and stucco building doesn’t exactly blend into its natural surroundings.

Variety noted when Williams purchased the home that the “aggressively angular glass-walled front façade might understandably be mistaken for the snazzy new science building of a well-funded private high school.” 

A campus vibe?


The property’s interiors, which surround an atrium, also look as though they are built to handle crowds, with oversized, large-volume spaces. Even the dining room could double as a boardroom.

Meanwhile, the media room almost looks like the waiting area in an airport. One upside is that with 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, the property would be great for multifamily living and hosting guests. Part of it could even be turned into a live-work studio space.

The home’s suburban office park aesthetic is reminiscent of another Beverly Hills mansion—a home once rented by Justin Bieber that was widely known as the “Salad Spinner” home.

Dining room or boardroom?


Interior space


Screening room



4. A-list appeal

This place is pretty perfect for a celebrity seeking privacy or a wealthy buyer who entertains for work, or throws a lot of fundraisers.

Set on a hilltop, the oasis offers dramatic views of San Fernando Valley. Located behind gates and down a 200-foot-long private driveway, it can easily accommodate a crowd, thanks to its massive, 30-plus-car motor court. 


5. The resort life

The outdoor space is a playground for adults and kids alike. Along with spacious terraces for lounging and dining, the grounds feature koi ponds, an outdoor kitchen, lagoon-style pool, slide, and grotto, as well as a lighted tennis court.

Waterfall and lagoon-style pool and grotto


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