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With Christmas under wraps, chances are good you’re thinking about your next shopping trip. No, not the one to return that annoying twerking Santa your Aunt Cathy gave you. We’re talking about the all-important excursion to stock up on all the libations you’ll want for your New Year’s Eve bash.

You’ll need champagne, of course. Beer, wine, and liquor—and, if you’re feeling ambitious, a martini shaker set with all the fixings (we’ll take three olives, thank you very much).

But we bet you’re forgetting about one supersecret ingredient: the bar cart.

Whether you’re throwing a rager or an intimate soiree, boozy beverages are a must. But nobody wants to play bartender at their own party. That’s where a well-stocked bar cart comes in, your secret weapon to hosting an unforgettable bash people will be talking about well into 2019.

But how do you find the right one just days before the ball drops? We’ve uncovered some beautiful bar cart options for any type of party—all of which can be delivered before New Year’s Eve. Cheers!

1. For chilling the champagne

Eta bar serving cart


The perfect New Year’s bar cart does exist! This one has a giant built-in ice bucket so you can keep your bottles of champagne crisp and cold. (And white wine, sodas, and beer, too, of course.) Enjoy it indoors over the winter. Then, come summer, it’s ready to be rolled out onto the patio for pool parties and summer barbecues.

What to buy: Mercury Row Eta Bar Serving Cart, Wayfair, $201

2. For the decor-obsessed

Laurence bar cart


If style is just as important to you as storage, consider this sleek midcentury modern bar cart. After all, it’s all about presentation, right? Your bottles will look even more appealing sitting atop an artful design. Plus, the metallic look is practically made for New Year’s Eve (or any occasion that calls for a party, really).

What to buy: Laurence Mid-Century Bar Cart, Wayfair, $117

3. For wine obsessives

Old Dutch “Avalon” wine and serving cart


If hard liquor isn’t really your thing, that’s OK. You can still get a bar cart for storing bottles of your best vintage in time for your New Year’s wine and cheese soiree. This cart can hold up to 10 bottles, and it has hanging storage for your glasses, and space for your opener, decanter, and more. Its size also makes it ideal for living quarters where a fancy wine fridge or cellar isn’t an option. Pshhh, who says you need that anyway?

What to buy: Old Dutch Avalon Wine and Serving Cart, Amazon, $167

4. For more than just alcohol

Safco Impromptu Refreshment Cart


Just because it has “bar” in the name doesn’t mean this home accessory must be used to serve alcoholic beverages. This bar cart has a sturdy top, so you can safely serve warm drinks to your guests. (Coffee, tea, or even a hot chocolate bar, anyone?) Plus, the wheels lock, for an additional safety feature. In the cabinet underneath, keep cups, plates, extra sugar, cocoa, and teabags so that you don’t have to keep darting into the kitchen to restock.

What to buy: Safco Impromptu Refreshment Cart, Amazon, $310

5. For apartment and condo living

Rickey bar cart


Even if you live in tight quarters, that doesn’t mean you can’t set up your own home bar. This round bar cart brings the drinks to you without taking up much room. (Plus, it’s so lightweight and petite that you could easily throw it in the backseat of your car and bring the party somewhere else.) Don’t worry—you won’t be missing out on the style of a full-size cart. This glam little number will look great in any decor scheme.

What to buy: Wade Logan Rickey Bar Cart, Wayfair, $126

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