When pilots fly into Portland International Airport and have to circle around the Forest Park neighborhood in Portland, OR, a stone castle with two peaked towers serves as their beacon.

This 13,000-square-foot estate, which sits on 6 acres, is straight out of a fairy tale. After building Blackberry Castle as their forever home, the original owners’ story doesn’t end in a happily ever after—unlike classic Disney films.

“Unfortunately,” says listing agent Daniel Lowe, “the home is for sale because life happened and things didn’t go as planned for the current owners.” The castle is now on the market for $4 million.



Blackberry Castle took seven years to complete, with artisans and craftsmen working tirelessly to bring the original owners’ dream to life. Stone, wood, and other fixtures were flown in from around the world and now adorn every nook and cranny of the castle.



When the original owners decided not to live in the home, they put it on Airbnb as a vacation rental.

“You could stay at Blackberry Castle for $2,000 a night,” says Lowe. The residence served as a getaway for many a prestigious guest, including the late recording artist DJ Avicii.

The indoor atrium bar


“Avicii and his entourage stayed at Blackberry Castle for seven weeks,” says Lowe. In the castle’s sweeping library, the musician wrote and recorded his final album—which is yet to be released—before his untimely death this past spring.



It’s fit for modern royalty, with a fusion of medieval influence and French chateau design. Unlike the castles of yore, this Portland fixture features all sorts of 21st-century amenities.

“The kitchen rolls right into the great room, which is designed for feasting and entertaining,” says Lowe. “There’s this rolling 700-plant vineyard right outside the great room that produces fabulous pinot noir and chardonnay.”

Library and clock


Among the many luxe features in the sprawling kitchen is a $50,000 custom-built range from Italy. A two-story atrium bar, dubbed The Oasis, channels the cobblestone streets of Europe’s historical cities.

The library is a winding two-story turret filled with books in floor-to-ceiling shelves. It’s also adorned with a handmade ceiling clock.

“It’s the largest clock on the West Coast,” says Lowe. The castle also features a gym with top-of-the-line equipment, and the opulent theater was influenced by those of 1950s Argentina.

A 20-minute drive from downtown Portland, the fortress is nestled within the northwest hills that drape the corner of the city.

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