Maryland's most expensive home on MacArthur Boulevard in Bethesda


From nearly every room in Maryland’s most expensive home, you can watch the sunset over the Potomac River.

“It was built kind of like a replica of [the owner’s] grandmother’s house, which was in Lookout Mountain over Chattanooga, and he built it wanting it to look like that house, using the same sort of bricks,” says listing agent Sassy Jacobs. “Every room has these incredible views. It looks west, so it gets a sunset where all the Virginia houses look east, so it’s a really unique property.”

The grand home on MacArthur Boulevard in Bethesda, MD, is on the market for $17.5 million, which makes it the priciest property currently available in all of Maryland. It was also a challenge to come up with a proper price.

“It’s hard to comp out this house because there’s no other house like it on this side of the river,” Jacobs explains. “The house is incredible, but where it is situated is why it is priced [the way] it is.”

Potomac River views

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Sitting right near the border of Washington, DC, the 12,000-square-foot home has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and several half-baths.

“It’s very private,” Jacobs says. “Most people don’t even know it’s there. It’s up almost like a driveway off of MacArthur Boulevard. Unless you knew this little street was there to take you up to the house, you would never see it from the road.”

Franck & Lohsen Architects designed the home for the current owners. Leonard Nurmi of CDC Builders completed the home in 2013, and he works on only one house at a time.

“It took him two years to build from start to finish. I’ve never met a builder who’s just so in tune and in touch with how high-quality everything is,” Jacobs says. “He takes such pride in making the best masterpiece he possibly could.”

The interiors are decorated in a soothing white and gray palette.

“When you walk in, the first thing people comment on is the floors, which were hand-scraped oak floors done in Pennsylvania by [the] Amish,” Jacobs says. “It took them a year to do all of the floors. The entire house is done in the chevron pattern, and they are coil-heated underneath. The whole house is so warm.”

Entry with wood floors in chevron pattern

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The list price doesn’t include furnishings from interior designer Darryl Carter, but they are available should a buyer want to explore adding them to an offer.

The mansion comes with a workout room, pool, wine cellar, bars, game rooms, and plenty of parking spaces.

The perfect buyer “is definitely a person who likes to entertain,” Jacobs says. “It’s got great entertainment spaces. It’s just a fun house. You can feel that it’s a place where people can gather and have a really nice time together. It has a good flow to it.”

Wine cellar

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Master bath

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River view

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