This Albuquerque, NM, gem has never been on the market—and architecture enthusiasts should take note, that is unless they hate climbing stairs. Architect Bart Prince built this nature-inspired perch for his parents, who lived on the premises until their passing. Now, the three-bedroom, 3,564-square-foot, awe-inspiring abode is on the market for $895,000.

The property is located on a hill outside the city, providing buyers with 360-degree views of the city lights below as well as the surrounding Sandia Mountains.

Prince “was very respectful of the site,” says listing agent Pam Gentry. It’s clearly inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, whom Prince admired. “He used the building materials and the site to help him with the design.”

The home is built around two granite boulders and blends in beautifully with the hilly topography.

Views from the house


Circular living area


The interior of the home is all about swooping curves—except for the front door, which is curiously square. The stairs are graceful circles, and the rooms feature rounded walls. With its unusual curved wood cabinetry and dark stone countertops, the kitchen offers a fresh perspective on the kitchen work triangle.

The home features “three pillars”—round structures on the upper level around which Prince constructed the building. Wooden planks extend from the center of these pillars, giving them the appearance of a sundial. From the outside, these pillars are offset by iron beams that appear to extend into the distant horizon like a sword.

“He built the house with that in mind,” says Gentry. “It’s structurally very unique in terms of its open architecture. And those round pillars are one of the unique things about this house.”





The home has a number of living spaces, including an upper-level area with a stone fireplace and floor-to-ceiling windows. Downstairs, the dining room opens onto a large deck—one of several that curve around the home.

But this special home isn’t for everyone, Gentry says. “It’s not an easy house to live in because there are lots and lots of stairs.”

At least yard maintenance is minimal. The home is located in the Albuquerque suburb of Sandia Heights, which prohibits unnatural lawns or landscaping—and in this part of New Mexico, that means grass.

The surrounding land is mostly dirt, rock, and regional trees. The home also borders open space, where hiking trails showcase the best of New Mexico.

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