A Mid-Century Modern home designed by the noted architect Ralph Haver just landed on the market in central Phoenix for $450,000.

The fully remodeled home was confirmed as a Haver this year, thanks to two enterprising twin sisters with a keen eye for real estate and an affinity for historical research.

The sprawling desert metro was Haver’s playground from the 1940s into the ’80s. Over the decades, entire “Haverhoods” in Phoenix—as well as commercial buildings—were designed and built with his signature aesthetic: an open floor plan, exposed beams, vaulted ceilings, and a marriage of indoor spaces and the outdoors.

This home is in Beverly Park, a neighborhood that has long been recognized as a Haverhood. But listing agents Christine Kinchen and Jennifer Hibbard—who together make up Twins and Co. Realty—dug into property records and newspaper archives to prove that this place comes with an authentic Haver pedigree.



“My twin sister and I are kinda like unofficial historians,” Kinchen said. “We go through microfiche, public records, newspapers, and more. It takes a lot of time and effort, but we make sure we have enough info to support what we believe with concrete facts, articles, and permits. We made the discovery on this one for our clients.”

While they won’t detail all the methods they use to identify historic homes, their full research has been compiled into a storybook format to give buyers a sense of the home’s history.

Vintage ad

Twins & Co. Realty

Along with the home’s prestigious pedigree, it has also been completely remodeled, including the addition of a 436-square-foot owner’s suite in 2016.

It has a total of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 1,600 square feet, and all the infrastructure has been updated, including plumbing and electrical. The interiors include newly remodeled bathrooms and kitchen and a distinctly modern minimalist approach, in keeping with the spirit of the home’s design. All the exposed block walls have been coated in Haver masonry wash.





Master bed


Master bath




The home is situated only minutes from some of the area’s hippest bars, restaurants, and local attractions, including another Mid-Century Modern architectural gem, the Arizona Biltmore, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in collaboration with his student Albert Chase McArthur.

In the meantime, Twins & Co. is touting its latest addition to the Haverhood. “We have postcards going out to all known Haver communities, letting them know about our discovery,” Kinchen said.

Thanks to a pair of plucky twins, the stylish home now has a verified architectural pedigree and quite a story to tell.

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