Take one look at this futuristic compound in Ennis, MT, and you might think it was created by the minds at NASA.

You’d be orbiting in the right solar system.

“The person who owns it is an undiscovered genius-type person,” says listing agent Richard Mayo. He notes that the owner designed and constructed the off-the-grid property himself.

The self-sustaining spread consists of two industrial-style buildings, one dome-shaped, the other a pyramid. The entire 10-acre property is on the market for $2.2 million. And the cool eco-compound is powered by sun and wind.

The pyramid-shaped building is known as the lab and includes living quarters and a huge machine shop on the bottom level, where the owner currently experiments with windmill prototypes. 

Built in 2008, the 15,500-square-foot layout includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and dining area, and a huge great room. It’s all accessed by roll-up, garage-type doors.

Open space with kitchen




Top-level bonus room


Space door leads to performance stage


Performance stage


The office


On the top floor of the lab, you’ll find a light-filled area that could be the location of an inside garden, yoga room, or simply an extra hang-out space.

And off a side door is a feature unlike any we’ve ever run across. From the main level, a 1-ton “space door” opens to a performance stage, a site for outdoor concerts. Perhaps it’s just the spot for a future Ennis-palooza?

In addition to the lab, the sale includes a brand-new building, which has been dubbed the office. The 5,500-square-foot, two-level space could be used for a business, office space, a school, art studios, a retreat, or any number of activities. 

To live here, you’ll need to be ready to go off the grid.

“Power is available close by, but the owner chose to build a home that was off-the-charts unique, self-sufficient, extremely well designed and constructed,” Mayo says. “He has the lab and office wired for solar and wind power. It kind of staggers the imagination.”

As for the owner, he’s been devising a new, windmill house design that he’d like to build in a warmer climate, maybe in Hawaii. Meanwhile, the next buyer can take advantage of the otherworldly architecture he’s managed to build in Montana.

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