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There’s controversy swirling around a Miami home reportedly owned by the rapper Pitbull. The home, located in an affluent area of the city known as Pinecrest, is in a state of serious disarray.

Rather than a handsome home situated in a well-to-do tropical neighborhood, passers-by are greeted with an unkempt yard, downed trees, a broken fence, and a house with a moldy exterior.

It’s not exactly what you’d associate with the home of the man known as “Mr. Worldwide.”

Neighbors have had enough and are calling for the recording artist to come take care of his abandoned property. Not only is it an eyesore, but no one wants to live next to a mess.

A little research shows that the home isn’t really owned by Pitbull himself, though. It’s not even owned by Armando Christian Pérez, which is the name on his birth certificate.

“The property is owned by ENPI GAO, LLC. It was purchased in February 2015 for $850,000,” says Candice J. Hart, senior associate attorney at Business Law Group, P.A.

The property in question


According to Hart, the limited liability company that purchased the property was formed in 2015 and was likely established for the sole purpose of purchasing the property.

However, the LLC appears to be connected to the chart-topping rapper.

“A quick search on SunBiz reveals that several businesses, including ENPI GAO, LLC, share the address of 4770 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 900. One of those businesses is Mr. 305, Inc, which is Pitbull’s record label,” says Hart.

Neighbors think the connection is enough for Pitbull to take responsibility for taking care of the property, but Hart says that’s not exactly how it works.

“At the end of the day, 7474 SW 102nd St. is owned by a limited liability company. The individuals or companies that are the owners of the LLC do not have liability.”

She further explains that high net worth individuals—ahem, Pitbull—diversify their financial assets and, well, they diversify so much that they just can’t keep track of everything.

So the LLC that owns the home is indeed responsible for the condition of the home, but the rapper himself isn’t. The home was paid for in cash, which means there’s no homeowners association or community development district with which to contend.

At this point, it’s the city’s responsibility to police the condition of the home.

“The city is paying attention,” says Hart. “The fact that violations have been noticed and fines are accruing means they’re doing their job. If enough time passes, the city may file a lien against the property for the fines and may even foreclose on that lien. But all of those actions take time, money, and government resources.”

It looks like “Mr. 305” is out of the woods—or should we say weeds—for now.

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