The last time we saw the Severn family on “Fixer Upper,” they were “blown away” by the work Chip and Joanna Gaines did to transform a tired ’80s home into a dreamy, modern residence. At the end of the episode, Chip hoped the Severns “would live happily ever after” in the house remodeled on Season 4 of the popular HGTV series.

The episode aired in February 2017. A year and a half later, the “ever after” fairy tale has come to an end. The Severns have put the Gaines-redesigned home in Woodway, TX, on the market for $499,000.

Don’t be deceived by the goofy nickname Chip gave the residence. He and Joanna teamed up to turn the 3,444-square-foot “Prickly Pear House” into a sparkling retreat, one of the many wonders they work in the Waco, TX, area.

The nickname was inspired by the giant, overgrown cactus in front of the four-bedroom, 3.5-bath home. Ripping out the enormous plant was among the first things the couple did to the property.

They replaced the big Opuntia with a bed of mulch and sweet lavender, making the front of the home more inviting.

Also on the exterior, they covered the old red brick with their famous “German schmear,” a rough application of white plaster. They also added a front porch and pergola with access to beautiful French doors.

The “Prickly Pear House” on Season 4 of “Fixer Upper” is for sale.


Chip and Joanna Gaines putting the finishing touches on the interior


Front porch and pergola with access to French doors


They also expanded the kitchen, adding a custom island with bar seating, marble countertops, and a matching backsplash. The custom wood vent hood they installed is stunning.



They also created a comfy living room and reading nook for the family with two kids.

Living room with reading nook


The home office is spacious and offers plenty of built-ins, something any telecommuter would desire.

Home office


While not all the bathrooms were completely redone, the master bath and a half-bath were freshened up.

New master bath


New half-bath


The Severns purchased the house for $230,000 and had $145,000 for Chip and Joanna to work their magic on it. If the couple manage to snag their half-million-dollar asking price, they’ll walk away with a sweet profit to complement their Season 4 appearance.

The median price per square foot in the Woodway area is about $114, and this home is priced at $145—a clear indication that the “Fixer Upper” treatment can increase the ROI.

“Chip and I loved designing this home for the Severn family and dreaming up little places for them to retreat and enjoy,” Joanna wrote on her blog.

“This may be the first home we’ve done where the focus was specifically on creating these little hiding spaces for the family to sneak away and read a good book.”

Now, it’s simply time for a new owner to write the next chapter in this ready-made, Gaines-approved residence.

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