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Singer Craig David is selling his lavish penthouse in Miami Beach, FL, for $5.75 million. The pad has a rep as a prime party spot for revelry in South Florida.

The Tower 5 penthouse suite is located in the posh Mondrian South Beach.The unit offers lovely ocean and skyline views, with a terrace providing the ideal spot for soaking in the sights. The terrace circles the property and is filled with daybeds for lounging, a bar, shower, and living areas.

The 1,900-square-foot home has two en suite bedrooms and two bathrooms. The interiors are decorated almost entirely in black and white. Pops of blue on the terrace and the surrounding views provide splashes of color.

The vibe is crisp, chic, and very Miami, from the hot tub overlooking the city, to the professional recording studio ready for use when inspiration hits.

At night, special light effects run throughout the penthouse and give the entire space a club vibe.



Living room


Breakfast area


Main bedroom




Hot tub


Recording studio




If you don’t have the budget to buy David’s place, there are currently 30 other units available in the Mondrian. His is the most expensive unit by far—the second-priciest place is on the market for only $870,000 and you can score a studio for as little as $299,000.

David bought his place in 2009 for $4,680,000. He’s best known for his 2000 hit “7 Days,” but has also found success as a songwriter and producer.

According to TMZ, the pricey condo was the scene of plenty of legendary parties over the years, including the time David was able to fit as many of 150 guests in the penthouse.

David, a United Kingdom native, recently made a splashy appearance on the popular dating show “Love Island“—though not as a contestant. He provided a DJ set to spread “good vibes” among the group.

David is touring the U.K. this summer, which may explain why he no longer needs this killer condo right out of a music video.

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