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Drew and Jonathan Scott always have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to finding storage in a home. But on the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” a family asks the brothers for bike storage—for eight bikes, and in the living room no less!

On the “Hammer, Hammer, Pedal, Pedal” episode, the Scott brothers’ newest clients, Sally and David, are big cyclists. In fact, their family of four is into cycling. As a result, this Toronto, Ontario, family have already converted their living room into bike storage and a training room. This is unsightly to say the least. And that sweaty locker room smell? Well, that’s a big problem, too.

Here’s how the Scotts help turn this home for bikes into a home for people—and what we can all learn about keeping eyesores and, um, nosesores from taking over a home.

Stair banisters should match the floors

This railing matches the floors perfectly.


When Drew and Jonathan first walk into Sally and David’s house, they can’t help but notice one strange thing: Every room has a different flooring. There’s a total of five different floors on the lower level of the home, and the Scott brothers know right away that this needs to be changed.

But they don’t stop there.

Drew and Jonathan are impressed by the home’s grand staircase, but know that the existing spun-wood railings are outdated. They replace the railings with more modern bars and add a new banister.

They even take this opportunity to choose a wood banister that will match the floors. Now, the stairs and the floors go together, creating a gorgeous, harmonious look.

Barn doors work as a noise (and smell) buffer

Barn doors are still hot! These doors are a stylish way to hide that bike room.


David and Sally have already turned one of their primary living spaces into a bike room, but since it doesn’t have a door, the noise from this space (and the sweaty smell of training) travels throughout the house.

So, Drew and Jonathan put up barn doors to contain the noise and the odor. Not only are these beautiful doors trendy and stylish, they’re also effective.

When Sally and David finally see the finished product, David says, “I love it. … That’s going to keep the sound in there and the smell from the kids in there as well.”

Store bikes vertically to make more space

There’s room for eight bikes on this wall!


Usually, bike storage can be found in the garage. But for this family, the bikes get a spot inside the home. In fact, they even get their own room!

And while the family might love their training room, the space isn’t very efficient. There are bikes crowding the walls, and workout equipment is all over the floor. The room definitely needs a refresh.

So, Jonathan comes in ready to reorganize and improve it. He realizes that the bikes are scuffing up the white walls, so he decides to put oak on the wall instead. This oak is a beautiful feature, but it’s also functional because it won’t scuff as easily as a painted surface.

Next, Jonathan reracks the bikes—closer together and on just one wall—to make the space seem wider. In the end, it looks amazing.

“I love the racking, and I love how they’re angled,” David says. “It just saves so much space.”

Now, the space doesn’t feel like a storage area; it feels like a real training room.

Quartz works to reface a brick fireplace

living room
This fireplace is so much better than brick.


Many people love classic brick fireplaces, but they don’t work in every house or for every family. While David likes the home’s brick fireplace, Sally wants something more modern. Still wanting to make David happy, but eager to meet Sally’s style needs, the brothers decide on a simple fireplace with a wood mantel.

They cover up the old-fashioned brick with white quartz, and immediately, the living room is transformed. It looks much cleaner and way more modern.

In the end, even David has to admit he likes the change.

“I love the fireplace,” David says. “I didn’t think I’d like the old brick gone, but that is like a ‘wow.’”

Modern fixtures brighten up the space

A modern piece for a gorgeous space


When Drew takes Sally and David to a renovated home for inspiration, the couple notice a beautiful, modern lighting fixture. They admit that it’s probably not something they would have picked out, but seeing it installed in a home makes them love it.

Of course, Drew makes note of this style choice and the brothers are sure to install a gorgeous, modern light fixture in the couple’s new dining room. The dark finish gives the light an industrial feel, and the complex shape gives the room a modern, stylish vibe.

So, do the Scott brothers deliver?

Before the renovation, Sally tells the brothers that they’d like to keep the project under $150,000. And in the end, Drew and Jonathan manage to stick to that number.

This family of bikers gets a stylish living room, great floors, a perfect dining space, and the bike room of its dreams.

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