A screenshot of Saddleback Cay from the Fyre Festival promo video.

YouTube/Fyre Festival

Customers burned by the Fyre Festival that never happened can now buy the island paradise that was promised — if they have $11.8 million.

Saddleback Cay, where part of the infamous Fyre Media promotional video selling consumers on a luxury Coachella-in-the-Caribbean music festival experience was filmed, has been listed by H. G. Christie Ltd. The private island, only accessible by boat, features seven beaches, a main house and several cottages on its 35 acres.

Models including Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin were filmed frolicking on the cay’s silky white sands and aquamarine waters for a Fyre Festival promo that went viral after Kendall Jenner and other Instagram influencers shared the tantalizing clip on their social media pages. Packages that included accommodations in lofty beach cabanas, gourmet food, musical performances from Blink-182, Migos and Major Lazor , plus the chance to rub elbows with models, ran $500 to $400,000.

But the 2017 fest co-founded by William “Billy” McFarland and rapper Ja Rule — which didn’t take place on Saddleback Cay at all, but rather an Exuma Island construction site — failed to deliver on any of those promises. Guests arrived to canceled music performances, soaked tents and cold cheese sandwiches. The fizzled fest stole headlines as stranded guests began posting pictures of the chaos on social media.

McFarland is serving six years in jail for defrauding the festival’s investors and attendees, while Ja Rule has claimed that he was “hustled” like everyone else. The epic fail inspired documentaries on both a Netflix and Hulu delving into what went wrong. Fyre Festival had an estimated $7 million in loans outstanding before it was canceled, and lawsuits adding up to more than $100 million in damages have also been filed against Ja Rule and McFarland.

Realtor John Christie told CNN that he started getting calls about people interested in buying Saddleback Cay after the documentaries aired. It’s named for the saddle-shape of the island, and boasts more than 90 feet of elevation that offers a 360-degree view of the Exuma Cays.

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