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Property Brothers” stars Jonathan and Drew Scott are accustomed to creating pet-friendly homes, but this time, they truly outdo themselves!

In the episode titled “Tear Downs and I Dos,” the Scott brothers work with engaged couple Adam and Lara. They have foster dogs that they love, but with all those hyperactive pups running around, their current house is feeling way too small. So they’ve found a larger home, but it badly needs some work.

With Lara and Adam’s wedding day coming up, the Scotts know they need to finish this renovation quickly. But with a long list of must-haves from the couple—and hard-to-please Lara critical of Jonathan’s design—the brothers are in for a challenge.

Can the Scott brothers impress this couple with a beautiful home renovation, or will the stress of renovation and wedding planning and all these dogs prove to be too much? Here’s what they do to get this couple into the home of their dreams—and some lessons they teach us along the way.

A sleek stair railing sets the mood

This black railing may have been pricey, but it looks great.


A modern staircase can make all the difference in a home, so Jonathan is sure to find the perfect banister for this house. It’s a simple, black cast-iron design that’s edgy yet sophisticated. The only problem?

Lara doesn’t love it.

As soon as it’s installed, this new homeowner seems underwhelmed, even questioning why the railing cost a whopping $7,200 to install. But she soon warms up to the clean lines and understated design and starts to realize why this feature is such a big-ticket item.

By the time the rest of the house is finished, it’s clear that this sleek railing pulls the look together.

“You were right,” Lara says, “that railing is perfect.”

Light tiles brighten up a fireplace

white fireplace
Whether they use light or dark tile, the Scott brothers always deliver on a fireplace.


While Lara eventually comes around to the modern stair railing, she’s determined to make a change when it comes to Jonathan’s plan for the fireplace.

Originally, Jonathan had planned to put a dark gray tile on the fireplace that would contrast the lighter features in the house.

“You’ve got that bold, dramatic light-to-dark aesthetic going on,” Jonathan explains. But Lara doesn’t like the look, and tells him she wants to go with a lighter tile.

While the original gray would have made a perfect statement feature, the light tile Jonathan finds to replace it looks just as gorgeous. It brightens the area and, since there are still other dark features in the living area, the change doesn’t ruin the light-to-dark contrast Jonathan had planned for.

“That fireplace is stunning,” Adam says when he sees the finished product.

Paint can save the day when it comes to cabinets

white cabinets
You’d never know these cabinets were just painted.


A white-on-white kitchen is a must for these new homeowners, but the cabinet style they love comes only in dark brown. Still, the Scotts are determined to get this couple their perfect kitchen.

So, Jonathan arranges to have these brown cabinets professionally painted white with an enamel finish—and the result is beautiful.

By the time the cabinets are painted and installed, no one would ever know they started out so dark. Adam and Lara are thrilled to get the style and the color they wanted.

The bar space should stand out

property brothers bar
The dark walls in this bar area bring the look together.


In a lot of homes, a home bar is an afterthought. It’s a cart tucked away in the living room, or it’s a space in the corner of the kitchen. But in this house, the bar is an impressive feature.

The speak-easy Jonathan designs stands apart from the rest of the living space (in both geographic location and color palette). It’s hidden behind a large barn door—and while the rest of the house is light with dark accents, this bar space is moody with dark walls and a dark ceiling. The design gives this room a vintage feel and makes it one of the best rooms in the house.

A colorful range can bring some style to a kitchen

colorful range
The blue range brings just the right amount of color to this kitchen.


While the couple insist on white cabinets and tile for the white-on-white kitchen of their dreams, the Scott brothers knew they have to break up the white in some way.

So, instead of putting in a colorful backsplash, they select a gorgeous blue range to bring some vivid color to the space. It’s a stylish piece that adds some personality to this white kitchen.

A cute dog door makes all the difference

property brothers dog door
This cute dog door is perfect for pet-loving homeowners.


These pet owners went shopping for a bigger house so their dogs could have more space, and while there’s plenty of room in this house, they still need a dog door to allow their pups access outside.

While a traditional dog flap would have worked fine, the Scotts go above and beyond with an adorable rounded door with black hinges. And lo and behold, Lara loves this choice.

“The dog door is to die for,” she says, “I’m obsessed with that dog door.” This feature is certainly a conversation piece, and it shows how important these dogs are to this couple.

So, do the Scott brothers deliver?

After lots of work in renovation, the finished product is a breathtaking dream home. From the large kitchen to the sleek speak-easy to the adorable dog door, the home impresses the couple.

“It is stunning,” Lara says as she tours the finished home.

The house is stylish and functional, with lots of room for the soon-to-be newlyweds and all of their dogs. And best of all, the Scotts finish the house on time and within Adam and Lara’s budget.

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