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Drew and Jonathan Scott are pros at renovating old homes so that they feel fresh and modern. But on the latest episode of their show “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they encounter that rare client who wants to turn back time instead!

In the latest episode, titled “Marrying the Old and the New,” Kate and Amy love the charm of their vintage home in Ontario, Canada. In fact, Amy loves it so much, she doesn’t want to change it one bit. However, Kate is eager to shake things up with some fresh white paint and a more modern style.

Can the Scotts help Kate and Amy find a solution that will both preserve the charm and update their space? Read on to find out whether this home stands the test of time, and in the meanwhile, hear some great tips for updating an old home.

In an old home, warm whites work best

The brothers know that in order to modernize the home, they need to give the interior woodwork a fresh coat of paint. And while Kate is on board for brightening up the space with white paint, Amy is worried that adding too bright a white might make the house look too stark.

Turns out the Scotts agree, pointing out that an old home painted in bright white would be way too harsh—a huge no-no. So instead of choosing white, they go for a warmer cream color instead.

These stairs started out dark and dated.


In the end, the new paint looks amazing.

The color brightens the space and makes it seem much more welcoming, but at the same time, it preserves that old-fashioned charm. When Amy gets to see the finished product, she definitely approves.

“I have to admit that painting the trim does look good,” she says.

This cream color is much better than a pure white.


Tile flooring works great in an entrance

Amy and Kate explain that with their young twin boys, things can get messy—especially the home’s front entrance, where the boys take off their snow boots and hang their coats.

Being twin boys themselves, Drew and Jonathan know just what to do. While the rest of the house is getting new engineered hardwood, they decide to put in a dark porcelain tile at the entrance.

With a herringbone style, it’s a stylish entryway, but it’s sturdy, easy to clean, and the dark color is forgiving if there’s ever some mud.

Of course, both Kate and Amy adore the tile. When they finally tour the finished home, Kate says, “I love the flooring here, it looks absolutely beautiful.”

A brick fireplace doesn’t have to be red

This dark fireplace is a gorgeous upgrade.


Kate and Amy explain that their fireplace is their family’s favorite place to gather, so it needs to be perfect.

With exposed red brick, it certainly fits with the classic look of the home, but Amy and Kate are hoping for an edgier look.

So, the Scott brothers get to work painting the brick gray, adding dark tile, and refinishing the wood mantel.

Drew notes that it makes for a great combination of light and dark, saying, “The contrast in here is beautiful: the wood tones, the darker brick, the tile.” It’s a great mix of the classic look Amy likes, plus Kate’s more modern taste.

“Now this feels like the perfect blend of what both of you wanted,” Jonathan says.

Wider doorways can open up a space

This wide entryway showcases Amy and Kate’s beautiful living space.


Old homes are known to have lots of walls and closed-off rooms, but most people these days are looking for open-concept living—including Kate and Amy.

This couple loves Jonathan’s idea for opening up the kitchen, but it seems that isn’t quite enough. When Drew and Jonathan mention that they could widen the entry from the front door to the living room, Kate and Amy know they have to have this update, too.

So, the brothers widen the passageway so that as soon as guests come through the front door, they can see the gorgeous living room and updated fireplace. It’s a great update, and it shows off one of the best rooms in the house.

A bench in the dining area provides plenty of seats

dining table
There’s room for everyone at this table!


Kate and Amy love to entertain, so they ask the brothers for plenty of space for friends in their new kitchen.

Drew and Jonathan certainly deliver, with a long dining room table with bench seating. It’s cozy, but still provides lots of space.

Add counter space while keeping the charm

This kitchen island is a perfect fit!


Another must-have for Amy and Kate is more counter space.

Amy has lots of sweet memories of making cookies with her mom in the kitchen, and she wants to make sure there’s plenty of room for her boys to do the same thing with her.

So, Drew and Jonathan install some beautiful white counters—plus an amazing island. The island is a perfect fit for this kitchen, because while it’s definitely functional (with stools that the boys can sit on), it looks antique, so it matches the old-fashioned charm of the home.

Do the Scotts deliver?

The Scott brothers do it again! Thanks to a $143,000 budget, some great style choices, and a bit of compromise, Drew and Jonathan are able to give Kate and Amy’s home a makeover that feels fresh but doesn’t sacrifice this home’s old-timey feel. Whoever said what’s old can’t be new again?

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