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Property Brothers” stars Drew and Jonathan Scott may not be experts on long-term marital bliss—Drew has been married less than a year and Jonathan is still single—but they’ve done enough renovations to know which home design features take the pressure off a relationship.

That’s why they feel qualified to give a little marital advice to Lesli and Dave, a couple who have moved eight times in the past 15 years, and are now searching for their forever home in Nashville, TN.

Can you guess what that sage advice might be? We’ll give you a hint: It has to do with the bathroom. Nope, if you were thinking about a spa tub, you’re way off base. It’s all about dual vanities.

“Split vanities are the key to a long-lasting relationship,” says Drew.

Dave agrees, “because she makes a mess,” he jokes, gesturing toward his wife, Lesli.

She begins to color 10 shades of red (which is not why this episode is titled “Color Clash,” but it could be). But the couple quickly compose themselves for the task at hand: Finding a home near Nashville within their all-in budget of $800,000. Their adventures with the Scott brothers reveal plenty of smart tips that could help other buyers and sellers out there. Watch and learn!

Property Brothers
Jonathan and Drew Scott with homeowners Dave and Lesli


Want waterfront property? Try a pool instead

Dave and Lesli think they want to live on the water near a lake, but when they find out how far the nearest big lake is from Nashville proper, they think again. They don’t want to live so far out that the friends they intend to make in Nashville won’t come out to see them. So when Drew finds them a house closer to the city within their budget that has a large pool out back, they’re sold. Hey, a large pool can be considered a body of water, right?

Don’t go for the quick fix

The house the couple like is listed as being “newly renovated,” but many of the updates were done cheaply, and look like quick fixes or cover-ups. While the house looks new, there are many “boring builder-brand features” that Jonathan will want to redo. Let that be a lesson to the seller: Adding cheap, cosmetic renovations is a waste of money and does not really add to the value of your house.

Ban the glass blocks

Unless you’re going for a period look, those thick, square glass block walls that were ubiquitous in the ’80s and ’90s will totally date your home. A glass block pony wall in the bathroom is one of the first things to go.

Spend a little, save a lot

Jonathan gives the couple the option of keeping the old water heater and renovating some of the old plumbing, or getting a brand-new tankless water heater, which would cost about $1,000 more.

It’s “definitely a good investment to upgrade this old water heater to an eco-friendly tankless one,” says Jonathan, explaining that it heats up only the water you’re using instead of a whole tank, so it saves on energy bills. Over the years, it will pay for itself.

Property Brothers
Jonathan comes clean about the virtues of a tankless water heater.


Apologize to the neighbors

Any major renovation project is going to disrupt the neighborhood, and it’s important to Lesli and Dave that they make friends quickly. So they give their neighbors a heads-up about the noise that will soon ensue, apologize for it in advance, and also promise to invite them over as soon as the project is finished for a fun neighborhood party.

Why settle for one or the other when you can have both style and function?

The laundry room: It’s going to take up the same space, whether you decorate it or not. Jonathan adds fun wallpaper and accessories.

“The laundry room isn’t just functional, it’s stylish!” Drew exclaims.

Recycle your own furniture

Lesli and Dave have collected a lot of fun furniture pieces over the years, and Drew and Jonathan are intent on incorporating choice pieces in the new design. But there’s a problem: They have too much!

Rather than put the excess furniture in the trash, Jonathan suggests taking it to a consignment store. They’re good pieces that someone else might want—they just don’t go with the new vibe.

Property Brothers
Making this bright orange pillow with doggie Doolie’s picture on it fit in with the decor was important.


Do the ‘Property Brothers’ stars deliver?

When all is said and done and the last screw is twisted in, Dave and Lesli spend $590,000 to buy the place, Jonathan spends $213,900 on the renovation, and the total cost, including the tankless water heater, is $803,900—only $3,900 over budget. The couple think the extra expense is well worth it.

“This is so awesome!” Lesli exclaims.

They proceed to invite all their neighbors over for the promised housewarming party to show off their new digs.

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