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Drew and Jonathan Scott know plenty about how to give a home that extra something that helps it stand out. And in the latest episode of their HGTV show “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” they have a lot to work with!

In the episode titled “Keep the Charm, Not the Layout,” married couple Kate and Gavin already love their Las Vegas home, but when they make plans for Kate’s mother to move into the extra bedroom, they realize that the house needs a lot of updates. Their place is already filled with two kids and plenty of dogs, but now that they’re including one more family member, they need to make sure the house is both comfortable and functional. And if possible, they’d like it to look good, too.

The brothers have a big budget: $110,000 to update the living space, mudroom, and in-law Maryann’s space. Here’s how the Scott brothers put that cash to good use—and the lessons we can all learn along the way.


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Make room for a large island

When Kate and Gavin first show Drew and Jonathan the kitchen, they have to explain their strange setup. They don’t have a lot of counter space, and to remedy the space issue, they added a table, right in the middle of the room. This table is small, but it still doesn’t leave much room for cooking.

As strange as this kitchen may seem, the brothers soon learn that it’s not so easy for the couple to simply ditch that table. Kate has had this piece for a long time, and it has moved with her from home to home over the years.

Still, the Scotts decide that they can’t avoid putting in a modern island the family needs, so they take out the table and install a large, green island with a light countertop and lots of storage cabinets.

As for Kate’s sentimental table, the Scott brothers decided to use the wood to make a cutting board with the couple’s initials etched into it. It’s a perfect compromise that gives the couple both the kitchen space they need and a sweet memento.

This green island brings needed color to the kitchen.


A dining area should work for formal and casual meals

With a large family, it’s important to have plenty of space to sit, especially at dinnertime. And while other families may have problems with limited space (squeezing around a too-small kitchen table), this family actually has too much dining space. The only eating space is at a long, formal dining room, which, as the couple explain, feels like the wrong space for everyday meals like hamburgers and hot dogs.

What they need is a little variety in their dining space, so the Scotts decide to update their way of doing mealtime. They add a peninsula to the kitchen with enough room for two stools so the kids can sit at the counter for a casual meal. Meanwhile, Jonathan is sure to style the updated dining room with a new table that feels a lot less stuffy and formal. Now, the dining room is the perfect place for everyday meals (as well as holidays and dinner parties).

dining room
This dining room feels more comfortable, and it’s a space that could be dressed up or dressed down.


Find a style that suits all

There’s one feature that the couple can’t see eye to eye about: two sets of doors. Kate loves the style and the originality of these doors and wants to keep them. But Gavin would prefer something more modern. What to do?

In the end, Drew and Jonathan install new doors, but they make sure to balance Kate’s love of eclectic style with Gavin’s desire for an update. They end up finding a great door design that is both modern and charming. It doesn’t look like just any other door, which Kate likes, but it’s also functional, which pleases Gavin. These doors are also energy-efficient, which means Kate and Gavin can start saving some money (which will be good, especially after this renovation).

front doors
The Scott brothers give Kate and Gavin some stylish, energy-efficient doors—smart move!


Recycle original pieces for character

Kate and Gavin love their home’s character, so the brothers are determined to keep plenty of homey aspects of the design as they improve the functionality.

As Jonathan explains, he wants to “clean out the old, but salvage anything with character.”

One of the features they decide to keep is the large sink in the laundry room. It has a classic vintage design that Jonathan likes.

Once the sink is cleaned up a little, it’s clear to Kate and Gavin that keeping it was a good idea. It has a ton of charm.

You’d never guess how this sink looked when the brothers first found it.


Do the ‘Property Brothers’ stars deliver?

While Drew and Jonathan don’t exactly stay on budget, they deliver exactly what Kate and Gavin ask for, and then some, and the results are simply gorgeous.

After a beautiful renovation like this, Kate, Gavin, and their family are sure to stay in this house for a very long time!

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