When a historic home hits the market and comes with an endorsement from an HGTV restoration expert, we take notice.

Take the case of this gorgeous Arts and Crafts home in Redlands, CA, which recently went up for sale at $975,000.

Preservationist Brett Waterman—star and host of the show “Restored”—happens to live in Redlands. He’s known about this six-bedroom, 4.5-bath classic for some time and says he’s just dying to get his hands on it for an episode on his show.

He even made a video about some of the home’s fabulous original features and expressed how eager he is to take on a restoration project of the place. Provided the new owners agree to it, of course.

The 4,493-square-foot house was originally built in 1911 for Chicago railroad executive Harry A. Cherrier.

It’s been honored with a Heritage Award, and is often compared to Pasadena’s Gamble and Blacker house, which was designed by the brothers Henry and Charles Greene.

Exterior of a unique Arts and Crafts home in Redlands, CA


Built in 1911


Original construction of the day


Waterman says many of the wonderful original details of the house still exist—they’re just covered up by layers of paint.
The glass-paned pocket doors in the dining room reveal gleaming cherrywood, and Waterman believes that the wainscoting and molding could also be fine cherrywood, hidden under layers and layers of mostly white paint.
Dining room with original pocket doors


Polished brass accents, crystal doorknobs, quarter-sawn oak flooring, leaded glass windows, and a gorgeous original ceiling lamp are among the home’s other charming original features.

This polished brass ceiling lamp is original to the home.


And the inglenook by the fireplace? A quintessential element of the California Arts and Crafts style, we deem it epically cozy.

Inglenook fireplace


The woodwork on the staircase is original as well, although also coated with many coats of paint.

Staircase with original wood railings


The kitchen, which still features some of its original cabinetry, could use a little work. Which is exactly the type of thing they like to do on Waterman’s show.

His show brings rooms up-to-date with modern conveniences, but they ensure modern features mesh perfectly with the historic vibe of the rest of the home.



Some valuable updates have already been made on the house. In 2005, the original basement was converted to living space, which added an additional 1,832 square feet to the home, bringing the total to 6,325 square feet.

The basement has been finished as living space.


Solar panels have also been added and are totally paid for. And more than $60,000 was spent on new double-paned windows to keep the home energy-efficient and quiet.

Outside, there are dozens of fruit trees, mostly citrus, in addition to a fenced and secured pool.



“This beauty is waiting to be restored,” says Waterman. “I’m in love with this house!” And perhaps he’ll fall in love with the new owners as well, since they would probably be working closely together on the restoration.

If you’re looking to save a historic home, wind up with an unforgettable residence, and score a little TV face time in the deal, we’ve found just the place.

Postcard from early last century


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