We’ve seen many homes marketed as “works of art.” However, in this case, there are oodles of artwork for sale along with the house.

This residence in Wilton Manors, FL—owned by “upcycle” artist Michael Jude Russo—is crammed with hundreds of his creations. It’s now on the market for $1.2 million. All art included.

The self-described “green” artist purchased the 10,081-square-foot space in 2005, but moved in in 2010—after transforming the home, which is now filled from floor to ceiling with his sculptures, custom furniture, and fanciful artwork.

Fish mobiles float from the ceiling, flamingos perch in the hallway, and insects bug out on the walls. Wherever you look, Russo’s creations stare back. Don’t worry, they don’t bite.

Entry to the art house

Steve Brown for ONE Sotheby’s Realty

There’s more than a gallery’s worth of objects to take in. It can be difficult, but if you’re able to see past the 400-plus pieces of art that fill up the two- bedroom, two-bath home, you can soak in what Russo calls his “Zen paradise.”

The open floor plan has a small kitchen and walls of glass that offer abundant garden views. The outdoor area includes a shaded patio, nursery, garden shed, and pool with water features and fountain.

Open kitchen

Steve Brown for ONE Sotheby’s Realty

Included in the sale are 400-plus pieces of art.

Steve Brown for ONE Sotheby’s Realty

The whimsical artwork is all made from found materials.

“The art that I create is a direct result of influences on my life situations, impressions, and experiences,” Russo says. “The challenge is to materialize ideas using everyday substances and objects. The world gives me all the ‘art supplies’ that are necessary.”

Look closely and you’ll be able to discern the original materials—from sneaker treads to mailboxes, from paintbrushes to window wipers—living second lives as works of art.

Pool and gardens

Steve Brown for ONE Sotheby’s Realty

This isn’t the first time Russo has sold his entire body of work that’s evolved around his living quarters.

“The home I sold in New York City was a complete original design with much of it built in,” Russo says. Both the furniture and artwork from that home were sold to a collector in 1998, allowing him to move on to his next project. Now Floridians have a chance to snag a Russo original.

“This home is really one of a kind,” says listing agent Virginia Hornaday of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty. “The inspiration came from his lifelong belief in the circularity of good design (no ‘dead ends’) and its integration with nature. He’s brought the landscaping inside the home with the sliding glass walls, round windows, and positioning on the lot. It’s a wonderful example of how to redesign a typical Florida home.”

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