It was a gift of love from architect Tivadar Balogh to his wife, Dorothy, in 1958. He built her a magnificent modern home in the Plymouth, MI, woods, where they lived and raised their family over many decades.

The drawings for the home won the 1957 Progressive Architecture Prize, and the property was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012. Tivadar, who had a long tenure as a professor of architecture at the University of Michigan, died in 2006. And last summer, Dorothy died.

Their two daughters decided to sell their family home, listing it for $750,000 in October. It immediately racked up thousands of page views and ranked as the most popular home of the week on realtor.com®.

It also attracted potential buyers from the West Coast to Florida, according to the listing agent John Goetz. “Unfortunately, no one has shown up with a check yet.”

Now, the price has been cut to $675,000.

exterior of Tivdar Balogh house in MI


Living room Tivdar Balough house
Living room


Tivdar Balogh house in MI family room
Family room


Kitchen Tivdar Balogh house kitchen


Dining room Tivdar Balogh house in MI
Dining room


Terrace Tivdar Balogh house in MI


Bedroom Tivdar Balogh house in MI


Bathroom Tivdar Balogh house in MI


Exterior Tivdar Balogh house in MI


So why are buyers shying away from the midcentury modern marvel?

The two-bedroom layout might be the culprit, Goetz says. “It’s just a mental hurdle for buyers. Most people are looking for at least three bedrooms.”

But what the home lacks in bedrooms, it more than makes up for in style. Outside, it appears to be a simple cube, light as air on 3 acres of private, wooded land.

Inside, the home is full of built-ins, tall windows, skylights, and cozy spaces. The 1,900 square feet of living space also includes 2.5 bathrooms.

The upside of the slow sale is that the family had a chance to celebrate one last Thanksgiving in the home built on a foundation of their parents’ love. And Goetz is confident the new price cut will make the house irresistible.

“It will happen in due time,” he says. “At this price, the house is a great deal.”

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