Fulfill your most Pinterest-worthy dreams in the magical and mystical Wilde house. This four-bedroom, two-bathroom, 2,000-square-foot home, listed for $450,000, is located deep in the heart of Texas—and we mean deep. The home is 10 minutes from the tiny town of Canton, which is in turn about an hour from downtown Dallas.

But thanks to some smart design decisions by the sellers, this country home is a chic oasis for design lovers.

The seller is an interior designer who “just has a really good look,” says listing agent Jenni Stolarski. “She’s really got her finger on the pulse of relaxed-meets-sophisticated design. There’s an ease about how she puts things together.”



Living room


That ease begins with a bold statement: the all-black exterior, an almost witchy aesthetic that somehow manages to not overpower the property. White cement-block walls surround the side patio, which is strung up with fairy lights to create an ethereal feel.

Expect instant relaxation once you step inside. Knotty pine walls add a natural earthiness to the low-key living room, and Scandinavian-inspired whitewashed brick surrounds a vintage stove and stack of wood. Concrete floors stay cool, even in the searing heat of a brutal Texas summer.

The kitchen redefines “open floor plan”: Open shelving provides plenty of space to store dishes, plates, and glasses—just make sure to buy good-looking tableware. The basin sink adds a hint of farmhouse chic to the spare space. Overhead, the exposed piping is painted deep black, giving the room surprising depth.





All four of the bedrooms are bathed in light, and we’d recommend following the current owner’s lead by covering the windows with gauzy white curtains. Waking up will feel like bathing in a cloud—and if you’re sleeping in the master bedroom, you’ll even have a view of “a quaint little pond” next door, says Stolarski.

Or, sleep in the hammock stretching across the closed-in patio—we bet you’ll never experience a night as calming as one spent here, deep in the country.

“I see it as a getaway from the city,” Stolarski says. The property is perfect for “someone who has to be in Dallas or Fort Worth for work during the week and wants to get away from it all. It’s got an urban-meets-nature vibe.”

Not able to use this sweet abode every weekend? Take a cue from the sellers, and list it on Airbnb. The $210 per night rental rate can help offset your mortgage, and you’ll be pulling from a well-established pool of weekend-trippers who already love the space.

Point your guests to Canton’s famous First Monday Trade Days, one of the largest flea markets in Texas. This enormous spread features vintage goods, local artisans, and other goodies from across the Lone Star State.

The flea market is also the perfect place to shop for decor items for the unique architectural details of this home. Beautifully designed, this home will draw many vacationers for weekend getaways.

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